The Buster Sword is the exclusive weapon of Cloud. Upon starting the game, the player will be given a buster sword, must must exhange it along with an orb in order to choose a character via the questing guide. This is Cloud's Rank 1 Weapon

Stats Edit

Power: +6

MPP: ???

Limit Break: Sonic Break

Special Attributes: Can attack while blocking

Viability Edit

The Buster Sword is meant for players who utilize strategy and value defense over offense. You may find yourself using it as a Cloud player until the Ultima Weapon is obtained, as the Mythril Sword costs a great deal of gil and has no limt break/special attribute in exchange for +1 Power added to the melee stat multiplier.

Lore Edit


Cloud Strife was given the Buster Sword by Zack Fair before his death, and that was when Cloud began mistakening Zack's memories for his own. The Buster Sword is a powerful weapon which Cloud uses in FF7 until he escapes Midgar. At that time, more swords become available which are all-around better. One of which is the Mythril Sword.

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