Enemies are the opponents that stand in the way of the player as he/she tries to complete a quest, engaging them in combat. They can drop items, XP, AP, and Gil when defeated. Some even drop Enemy Skills.

List of Enemies Edit

Enemies appear in areas which follow

Midgar Edit

Mako Reactor #1 Edit

  1. MP
  2. Ranked MP
  3. Grunt

Mako Reactor #5 Edit

  1. Smogger
  2. Special Combatant

Sector 5 Church Edit

  1. MP

Sector 5 Junkyard Edit

  1. Whole Eater

Sewers Edit

  1. Sahagin

Train Graveyard Edit

  1. Mono Drive
  2. Ghost

Sector 7 Support Tower Edit

  1. MP
  2. Grunt

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