Enemy skills, also known as blue magic, are abilities dropped by enemies that involve the use of a melee weapon. Defeating certain enemies drops skill orbs. When right clicked, they impart enemy skills. It is necessary to right click the various hidden enemy skill materias found across the world to gain the lock-on skill necessary to use these skills. Pressing the X button allows you to view learned enemy skills as well as how to initiate them. Note that these skills do not use up mana in any way shape or form.

Skill List Edit

== (Borrowed from official mod post and tweaked for context)

Note also that the Basic Sword Technique is a prerequisite for using any of the other skills, regardless of your level.

Standard Enemy Skill (Basic Sword Technique)

Activation: Press "c" while looking at a target 
Effect: Locks view on to target and allows chaining attacks into deadly combos 
Exhaustion: None 
Range: 6 blocks plus one per level 
Special: Each successive attack inflicts one extra point of damage, cumulative 
- Using this skill to lock on to a target is a prerequisite for using ALL other skills 
- While locked on, special controls become available: see the Basic Controls section 
- Deactivate by pressing X once more, moving out of range, or killing everything in sight 

Magic Hammer (Armor Break)
Activation: Charge up by holding the attack key; the skill will trigger when the charge is sufficient 
Effect: This powerful blow ignores the target's armor value when inflicting damage 
Exhaustion: High (2.0 minus 0.1 per level) 
Damage: Same as a normal attack, including enchantment bonuses, but ignoring the target's armor 
Charge Time: 20 ticks minus one tick per level 

Back Slice
Activation: Hold left or right then tap forward twice; attack at the right time to deal extra damage 
Effect: Circle around a foe to strike at its vulnerable backside! 
Exhaustion: Moderate (1.0 minus 0.05 per level) 
Damage: Adds +10% to the damage per level, possibly more against vulnerable enemies 
Effective Angle: 40 degrees plus 20 per level 
Special: 5% base chance per level to knock off the opponent's chest armor 

Dash Attack 
Activation: Attack while blocking with a sword 
Effect: Charges towards target, inflicting minor damage and knocking the target back 
Exhaustion: Moderate (1.0 minus 0.05 per level) 
Damage: 4 + level 
Notes: Standing too close to the target will not build up enough momentum to cause any damage 

Activation: Double-tap left or right to dodge in that direction 
Effect: Quickly dodge out of the way of incoming attacks 
Exhaustion: Very Low (0.05) 
Chance to Dodge: 10% per level plus a time bonus of up to 20% 
- The amount of time during which the player is considered 'dodging' increases with skill level 
- Can be configured to activate with a single tap only when using the arrow keys 

Finishing Touch (Ending Blow)
Activation: Forward, forward, and attack during combo 
Effect: Build up combo momentum and then finish off your enemy with a decisive strike, gaining bonus xp if successful or becoming flat-footed if not 
Damage: +(level * 20) percent 
Duration of vulnerability: 45 - (level * 5) ticks 
Exhaustion: High (2.0 minus 0.1 per level) 
XP Bonus: level + (value between 1 and the opponent's last remaining health) 
- May only be used after two or more consecutive strikes on the same target 
- Slaying an opponent with this move grants additional experience 
- Failure to slay the target results in not being able to attack for the duration 

Braver (Leaping Blow)
Activation: Jump while blocking 
Effect: Upon landing, unleashes a devastating AoE attack that damages all in its path in addition to temporarily causing weakness 
Exhaustion: High (2.0 minus 0.1 per level) 
Damage: Base sword damage, plus 1.0F per level, plus weakness for (50 + (10 * level)) ticks 
- Range and area of effect increase with level. 
- Damage caused by Leaping Blow contributes only to Combo damage, not size. 

Mortal Draw 
Activation: While empty-handed and locked on, hold the block key and attack 
Effect: The art of drawing the sword, or Battoujutsu, is a risky but deadly move, capable of inflicting mortal wounds on unsuspecting opponents with a lightning-fast blade strike 
Exhaustion: Very High (3.0 minus 0.2 per level) 
Damage: Inflicts double damage when successful 
Duration: Window of attack opportunity is (level + 2) ticks 
- Only works as a counterattack, so it must be timed according to your opponent's strike 
- The first sword found in the action bar will be used for the strike; plan accordingly 
- There is a 1.5s cooldown between uses, representing re-sheathing of the sword 

Activation: Double-tap back / down 
Effect: Parries an incoming blow when being attacked; cannot parry unarmed attacks. 
Exhaustion: Low (0.3 minus 0.02 per level) 
Chance to Disarm: 10% per level plus a timing bonus of up to 20% 
- Successfully parrying an attack will knock the aggressor back slightly, even if not disarmed 
- For players of equal parry skill, chance to disarm is determined solely by timing 
- Can be configured to activate with a single tap only when using the arrow keys 

Climhazzard (Rising Cut)
Activation: Jump while sneaking and attack 
Effect: Rising slash flings enemy upward, inflicting standard sword damage, providing the opportunity for a second strike, and likely inflicting fall damage as well 
Range: 2 + level blocks 
Exhaustion: Very High (3.0 minus 0.2 per level) 
Special: May only be used while locked on to a target 

Spin Attack 
Activation: Press left then right or right then left and hold both until spin attack commences 
Effect: A devastating spinning attack hits every enemy in a 360 degree arc 
Range: Hits enemies within 3 blocks, plus 0.5 blocks per level 
Exhaustion: Very High (3.0 minus 0.2 per level) 
Notes: If using the arrow keys, only one key (left or right arrow key) needs to be held to activate, and the spin will be in that direction 

Super Spin Attack 
Activation: Automatic while performing a regular Spin Attack and at full health; quickly tap attack to continue spinning 
Effect: Same as the regular spin attack, but you can spin up to one extra time per level 
Range: Adds an additional 0.5 blocks per level above and beyond regular Spin Attack range 
Exhaustion: Same as the spin attack, applied each spin 

Shockwave (Sword Beam)
Activation: Attack while sneaking to unleash a beam of energy; must have nearly full health 
Effect: Shoots a beam of energy capable of damaging one or possibly more targets 
Damage: base sword damage + level 
Exhaustion: Very High (3.0 minus 0.2 per level) 
Range: Approximately 12 blocks plus one per level 
Special: Requires full health to use (can be configured to allow 0.3 hearts missing per level, up to 1.5) 
Notes: Hitting a target with the beam counts as a direct strike for combos 

Sword Break 
Activation: Double-tap back while blocking 
Effect: A fierce block that is capable of destroying the opponent's blade 
Exhaustion: High (2.0 minus 0.1 per level) 
Damage: Up to 90 durability damage to the opponent's held item (15 * (level + 1)) 
Duration: Time allowed before skill fails is 2 ticks at level 1, up to 8 ticks at max level 
- Only works when being attacked by an enemy holding an item 
- Has no effect other than blocking the attack if the attacker's held item can not be damaged 
- Must release the block key in between uses ==

Enemies with These Skills Edit

Coming Soon

Lore Edit

In FF7, getting hit by an enemy skill with the enemy skill materia will make you "learn" the skill. There are many skills, some of which require manipulating the enemy to enable usage.

Trivia Edit

-Sword Break and armor break do not work on custom npc foes- aside from alternate attack frames, their only uses are for LAN worlds/servers.

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