Magic is a staple feature of the modpack mainly used by Aerith. There are 5 Types of magic, one of which can be used in a more advanced way via materia.

Standard Magic Edit

Standard magic refers to the early-game ability of Aerith, which can be obtained by any character late-game. Elements are learned by right clicking their respective eseences. Combining elements mix their abilities. Magic is divided into 5 primary elements:

  1. Fire- Burns enemies and sprays a firey attack.
  2. Cold- Slows enemies and attacks with snow.
  3. Lightning- Deals a good amount of damage with high accuracy.
  4. Water- Drenches opponents with water.
  5. Earth- Forms an earthen barrier/spire attack.

Furthermore, some elements combine into fusion elements when qeued consecutively. These 3 are:

  1. Ice- Combination of water and frost.
  2. Steam- Combination of fire and water.
  3.  ??? (I forget)

Lastly, there are 3 special elements which change the abilities of the elements fused:

  1. Shield- Turns elements mines, barriers, healing tiles, etc.
  2. Arcane- Shoots elements as a laser beam attack.
  3. Life- Shoots elements as a healing beam.

Standard magic must be cast with a staff by pressing the keyboard button corresponding with each element to queue the element then firing it by right clicking. Magic of this type deplets mana, which can regen by using Ether Cookies and max mana can increase by eating Magic Apples.

Blue Magic Edit

Blue magic comes in the form of enemy skills, which require a melee weapon to initiate. Generally, these can be called sword skills or sword magic.

Item Magic Edit

Item magic refers to the magic properties of some items which provide passive effects on the player. The items which have special properties are that which follow:

  1. Ghost Hand- Blocks fire damage in exchange for hunger
  2. Star Pendant-

Enchantments Edit

Enchantments are weapon and armor magics which can be added to these things with an enchantment table using XP or an enchant changer using materia.

Summons Edit

Summons are the use of spawn eggs in a summon shop in order to call a certain mob over to do various things.

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