The Mythril Broadsword, or the Mythril Sword for short, is Cloud's Rank 2 Weapon. It is a rank up from the Buster Sword and can be purchased at any weapon shop for 20,000 gil.

Stats Edit

Power: +7

MPP: ???

Limit Break: None

Special Attributes: None

Viability Edit

The Mythril Sword is an offense-based weapon, adding one more to the melee multiplier than the Buster Sword making it have a higher Max Potential Power (MPP). It is recommended that you upgrade to the Mythril Sword if your combat style is aggressive rather then defensive/strategic and you have raised your melee stat enough.

Lore Edit

In Final Fantasy 7, the Mythril Sword is the first purchasable sword. It is more powerful and posseses more materia slots. However, you must complete the entire Midgar ark before accessing it. Prior to that, the Buster Sword was the most powerful weapon Cloud's Party possessed, simply having the highest damage of any weapon findable or purchasable in Midgar. After this point Cloud's weapon changing is much more dynamic.

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